Smoked Salmon Recipes

When you are buying high quality Scottish smoked salmon from us you can guarantee that it will be the perfect ingredient for some very special recipes. If its a meal for a special occasion or a lovely healthy lunch – we have some great recipe ideas. Our favourite smoked salmon recipes are available online but we are sure that you will have your own too.

We love smoked salmon so much that we are sure we could eat it for every meal and not get bored. You don’t have to wait for your next bagel to enjoy smoked salmon as its so simple and delicious.Its a nutritious and elegant food that is a really healthy option, low in fat and high in Omega oils.

Our recipe page has three gorgeous recipes that are simple to do and we provide a list of all the ingredients you need plus detailed instructions on how to prepare and serve.

Of course, just eating smoked salmon with some warm wholemeal bread and a squeeze of lemon is a very simple delight that never gets boring. get on our Facebook page and let us know your favourite smokes salmon recipes, we would be delighted if you can add a picture of your creation too.