Meet the team

Seumas Macdonald

Kenny MacKay

Nat Horner-Hack

Murdo Nicolson

Nora Matheson

Mairead Morrison

Mairi Macdonald

Sam Millns

Ronah Muir

Sophie Brown

Hannah Knight

Mary Beth Maclean

Emily MacKay

Dickon and Elly Green

We have lived in Uig for 10 years since we moved here to run Uig Lodge and the smoked salmon business. It was a few years ago that the idea for a restaurant came about and what a journey it has been! Neither of us had ever worked in a restaurant before, let alone run one or built one so it has been a steep learning curve. We live between the restaurant and the lodge with our 4 children: Arthur, Kitty, Marsaili and Wilbur.