Scottish Smoked Salmon

Why order your smoked salmon from the beautiful Isle of Lewis, nestled in the Outer Hebrides?

Scottish smoked salmon has a world renowned reputation for supplying some of the best salmon in the world.

Salmon is now Scotlands biggest food export, it is also one of the UK’s biggest exports too. But why Scottish smoked salmon? What is the difference from any other region?

Well, Scottish salmon is typically fed a better quality food, the farming can be less intensive and this means that the salmon have more movement and freedom and therefore are able to swim more freely building up and developing more muscle.

Scotlands other big export, Whisky, has over the years built up Scotlands reputation for supplying high quality sustainable food and drink products that have characteristics in provenance and quality – knowing the source and producing high end products is a must.

Buying your Scottish smoked salmon direct from an award-winning producer that has been hand producing ethical , delicious and natural smoked salmon since 1984 can only add to the experience of tasting that unique flavour from Scotland.

We only use prime Scottish salmon from RSPCA accredited farms and we produce our unique Scottish smoked salmon in our in-house smoke house.

The curing process in the smoke house ensures that we produce world class smoked salmon in terms of taste, texture and flavour. This is not a mass produced product but an independent family run business that prides its self on an artisan approach.

Rest assured that each purchase you make contributes to a small family run business that only provides world class Scottish smoked salmon but also provides jobs and growth in the local economy on the island.

If you want to sample the true taste of Scotland then please buy your salmon online with us today , we know you wont be disappointed.