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Order Your Smoked Salmon Online

Back in January 2019, the worlds first Salmon ATM opened in Singapore. It dispenses 200g fillets of frozen Norwegian salmon. The salmon can stay freshly frozen in the machines for up-to two years but early figures demonstrated that the chance of the salmon staying in the dispensing machine for anywhere near that length of time were pretty slim indeed. They have proved so popular that now there are literally dozens of salmon ATM’s located .

Smoked Salmon Recipes

When you are buying high quality Scottish smoked salmon from us you can guarantee that it will be the perfect ingredient for some very special recipes. If its a meal for a special occasion or a lovely healthy lunch – we have some great recipe ideas. Our favourite smoked salmon recipes are available online but we are sure that you will have your own too. We love smoked salmon so much that we are .

Scottish Smoked Salmon

Why order your smoked salmon from the beautiful Isle of Lewis, nestled in the Outer Hebrides? Scottish smoked salmon has a world renowned reputation for supplying some of the best salmon in the world. Salmon is now Scotlands biggest food export, it is also one of the UK’s biggest exports too. But why Scottish smoked salmon? What is the difference from any other region? Well, Scottish salmon is typically fed a better quality food, .
Restaurant opening soon

Restaurant opening August 2020!

After a tough few months we are very excited and pleased to be opening the restaurant at the beginning of August. We will initially open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 5pm. We will be serving 3 courses for £40 per head. We can cater for most dietary requirements with prior notice. We also have a children’s menu for aged 13 and under which is £15 per child. We can’t wait to welcome visitors .

Restaurant opening hours

We are now shut for the winter. We will open the weekend before and weekend after Christmas. Booking ahead essential. We aim to have a staggered opening in 2020 starting in mid-February. We will also open for larger events and parties through the winter, please call for further details. Elly 01851672334
Great start to the fishing season.

Great start to the fishing season.

We have had a brilliant June so far with 7 salmon caught. In recent years we have been lucky to catch one or two in June, so this is a fantastic start. We have a new fishing guide and ghillie: James Armstrong. James has a wealth of experience and can’t wait to get stuck into the Fhorsa system.
Restaurant opening!

Restaurant opening!

Exciting news: we are opening the restaurant on Monday 4th March. We will initially be open for lunches between 12-4. After the initial opening on Monday we will be open Tuesday-Sunday for lunches. We will be closed other Monday’s in March. We will start adding evenings later in the month. Please call 01851 672 334 to book a table.

New website

Hello all, We have just launched this new website and there may be a few teething issues so please bear with us. You can call us anytime on 01851672396 or email Your username and passwords should be the same. You will also see a new section dedicated to Uig Sands Restaurant which is due for completion in November. Please subscribe to our newsletter for updates. Best wishes from us all.