Order Your Smoked Salmon Online

Back in January 2019, the worlds first Salmon ATM opened in Singapore. It dispenses 200g fillets of frozen Norwegian salmon. The salmon can stay freshly frozen in the machines for up-to two years but early figures demonstrated that the chance of the salmon staying in the dispensing machine for anywhere near that length of time were pretty slim indeed. They have proved so popular that now there are literally dozens of salmon ATM’s located within Singapore’s shopping malls.

Whilst this innovation provides frozen salmon easily and conveniently to consumers and we have no doubt that the salmon is of a reasonable standard, we think that you can’t beat buying your salmon fresh with traceable provenance.

We have been hand producing beautiful Scottish smoked salmon since 1984, we use only prime Scottish Atlantic salmon from RSPCA accredited farms. Each fish is treated independently and much care is taken in the smoke house to ensure you get an outstanding piece of fish every time.

You can be assured that the same level of care and attention is paid to packing your smoked salmon in chilled packaging, ensuring you get a great experience every time your order your smoked salmon online with us.

We are all for innovation and in a shrinking world we are confident that our online buying experience is a superb way to get fresh, locally sourced, ethical smoked salmon to your door without the hassle. Can we see ourselves selling salmon through ATM’s in the future? Well, no, I don’t think so. We would lose so much of our authenticity.

We would love you to try our fresh Scottish smoked salmon online for yourselves  – buy online with us or drop by and say hello online.